The Top 7 Reasons Why Your Daughter Should Learn A Martial Art

Martial arts training isn't about violence and no longer is it considered a boys-only club. Girls have been enrolling in karate and martial arts schools for years and can benefit from the training and discipline as much as boys, if not more. The following seven reasons will convince you and your daughter that martial arts is worth a shot.

  1. Self-discipline: One of the central tenets of martial arts is self-discipline. Self-discipline is the ability to control one's emotions, desires, and behavior. Children today live in an instant gratification environment and often exhibit a sense of entitlement. Through martial arts, your daughter will learn to resist the desire for instant gratification by setting and achieving higher goals. As a result, she will develop a stronger work ethic, better finances, and improved health. Won't it be wonderful to see your daughter complete her homework before asking to play?
  2. Self-confidence: As your daughter learns a new move or accomplishes a new level, she will be empowered, get a self-esteem boost, and become more confident in her abilities. As her self-confidence increases, her desire to take on new challenges will increase. When so many young people are risk-averse, your daughter will instead push herself further in school and in life.
  3. Positive Body Image: It's extremely important for all children, especially young girls, to have a positive body image when they are bombarded by images of airbrushed models that are unattainable. By learning to respect herself and her abilities, your daughter will be less likely to resort to unhealthy habits.    
  4. Physical Fitness: Children should engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Martial arts classes are typically 45-60 minutes long and physically demanding but also enjoyable. Your daughter won't complain about having to go to class.
  5. Self-defense: Though the skills your daughter learns are never intended to be used outside of the classroom or for play, they can be beneficial in certain situations. Your daughter will learn moves that when done correctly, can keep her safe.
  6. Respect for Self and Others: Your daughter will learn lessons in respect and will develop respect for her instructor, herself, and others. She may not completely stop contradicting you, but she will learn to respect you.  
  7. Leadership and Goal-setting: Your daughter will set goals for herself in order to complete each level. As she pursues these goals and accomplishes them, she will be expected to help other classmates achieve their goals. Mixed-age classes will also develop your daughter's leadership skills.

There are many more reasons why your daughter should enroll in martial arts, from developing teamwork skills to improving academics. If you're still not sure that a martial art is right for your daughter, try out a class or look for a female-only class. Contact a martial arts school like H S Lee's Karate School to learn about specific classes. You may be surprised by how beneficial martial arts can be.