3 Fun Weekend Activities For Thrill Seeking NYC Couples Who Find The Beach Boring

If you and your significant other find the beach boring, that doesn't mean you have to let the summer fun pass you by. There are plenty of cool outdoor activities that you can participate in that are exciting and also let you spend time outdoors. The list below will cover three cool weekend activities to take part in.

Kayaking The Hudson River

This one if perfect if you like to be out on the water. You can either take your own kayak or rent one, and then launch at one of the open access points on the west side of Manhattan. If you have never used a kayak before, you can even find organizations that offer classes. This is a great way to get out there and learn how to paddle and how to stay out of the path of shipping lanes. You should use a life jacket even if you know how to swim because the current in the river is strong.

Outdoor Rock Climbing At The Gunks

If you prefer to go climbing but are tired of indoor climbing walls like the ones at the big sporting complexes in Chelsea, then head north to New Paltz. Up in New Paltz you will find the Shawangunks. This is one of the area's best rock climbing spots. It's only about 85 miles from the city, so you can head up for a day trip and not have to waste too much time on the road.

The area has some really tricky climbs that are best suited for experts, but there are also routes that are better for novices. The main spot you should look for is a section of the mountain called "The Trapps". This has an amazing diversity of climbing routes, from crack climbing to sheer walls.

If you don't feel up to navigating the Gunks yourself, you can hook up with a tour company and guide from the local area. There are lots of places in New Paltz that will outfit (ropes, harnesses, carabiners) as well as provide a guide.

Tandem Skydiving Over Long Island

If you want a true adrenaline rush, then head out to Long Island and go skydiving with your significant other. Tandem skydiving is super fun and also one of the most amazing and thrilling things you can do. You can't skydive over Manhattan because of restrictions, so you will have to look to Long Island. You can drive out or take the L.I.R.R. to your location. There are lots of companies that offer the service. One of the coolest things about skydiving close to the city and in Long Island is that you get an awesome view of the ocean as well as a long view of the city. Talk to a company like Midwest Freefall for more information on tandem skydiving.