Three Reasons That Breathing Is Important When Skydiving

It's easy to involuntarily hold your breath the second you jump out of an airplane during your first skydiving experience. Even though you'll be jumping as a tandem — that is, strapped to an instructor — you'll feel a combination of nerves and exhilaration as you go along for the ride. The idea of remembering to breathe may seem funny, as your body knows that it needs oxygen, but it can be tempting to hold your breath during some of your descent. As you get ready to leave the airplane to skydive for the first time, many things will be in your mind. You should make sure that a conscious effort to breathe is among them. Here are three reasons that doing so is important.

You'll Feel Less Stress

Whenever you're anxious, it can be easy to hold your breath as much as possible. The problem with this habit, however, is that it can make you feel more anxious. The longer you hold your breath, the faster your heart will beat. You'll be aware of your rapidly beating heart, which can make you feel a little more anxious — and perhaps cause you to hold your breath as a result. When you allow yourself to breathe as you fall through the air, you'll often be able to feel a sense of calm come over you.

Your Body Will Feel More Fluid

People who hold their breath during periods of anxiety will often feel stiff. You don't want to be skydiving with your body stiff. In fact, your training will emphasize the importance of moving your limbs as you fall toward the earth and, of course, during the landing. When you breathe in a conscious manner, your body will often feel more fluid. Keeping your limbs moving and your body fluid can prevent muscle fatigue that may contribute to making the experience less than enjoyable for you.

You'll Enjoy It More

If you're holding your breath, you typically have the feeling of wanting the experience to be over. For example, in a scary movie, you might hold your breath during a scene that is particularly suspenseful, and then exhale when the scene ends. You don't want to finally get to experience skydiving for the first time and be looking forward to getting to the ground. The fun part is being in the air and seeing the scenery below you, and remembering to breathe may actually help to augment the experience for you.