Who Can Go Whitewater Rafting?

With summer almost over, you may be looking for one last fun adventure. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush you should take your family and friends and go whitewater rafting! While it may sound pretty intimidating at first, you may be surprised by how much you enjoy your adventure. Some people may wonder if anyone can go whitewater rafting, or if only experienced swimmers should attempt a rafting trip. In an effort to help you plan your trip, here are some details on who can go on an adventurous whitewater rafting trip.

Can Kids Go?

There are several different types of rapids that your guide may take you on. Some rapids may be a little too intense for younger children, though they may be appropriate for young teens starting at 12 years old. Depending on where you are, smaller kids may be able to enjoy the rapids starting at just 8 years old. Before bringing your children you should talk to the specific company that you are thinking of going with. 

Can Disabled People Enjoy A Trip?

For people who do not have the use of their legs (or a specific part of their body), there is still hope to have a great rafting trip. Some companies will ensure that everyone on the team knows how to float with a life jacket. Once your disabled family member or friend has passed a floating test, they should be welcomed on the trip with open arms. 

Can Non-Swimmers Raft?

While some people have nightmares of getting thrown into the water when whitewater rafting, most people will stay in the boat. Additionally, everyone will have a lifejacket on, so that if a non-swimmer does end up in the water they will likely be just fine. Again, it is important to just explain the situation to your whitewater rafting guide so that they can potentially assign a more stable seat to someone who cannot swim. 

In conclusion, as long as your friends and family members are older than 8 years old, they should be able to enjoy a fun day on the water. If you are going to go with someone who does not have the use of their legs, just make sure to tell the company you are going with about their needs. Most companies will be very accommodating, they just need a bit of information so that they can appropriately serve you. 

For more information about whitewater rafting, contact an adventure rafting company.