2 Questions To Ask When Booking Your Upcoming Whitewater Rafting Trip

While planning your next vacation, you and your traveling companions may have decided that you want to spend some time whitewater rafting. After finding several outfitters that provide various packages, you may be having trouble narrowing them down to the one you wish to use.

Even if you have participated in this activity before, you may not know what to expect from each individual outfitter. Below are a couple of questions that you can ask when you call for booking information for your upcoming trip.

1. What Is Included in the Package, and What Do You Need to Bring Yourself?

When gathering information about an outfitter's packages, one question you should ask has to do with what is included. Is the package all-inclusive, meaning that the rafts, wetsuits, and safety equipment are included? Or, do you have to bring certain items yourself?

If you already have your own rafting equipment and wish to bring it, you may not need an all-inclusive package. However, if you or any of the people going with you are not planning on taking this equipment, find out which packages do include them. 

Also, depending on the length of the trip, you want to know whether food is included. You do not want to go on an all-day trip without having brought food and drinks with you if these are not part of the package.

2. Do They Schedule Stops along the River for Safe Play Time on the Rapids? 

Another question you can ask when booking your rafting trip is whether the outfitter allows for stops along the river. Do they allow for time to play and surf on the rapids in areas deemed safe to do so?

If you are looking for a more extreme experience than simply floating down the river, you want to find an outfitter that allows for play on the rapids. This experience can add to the excitement of the trip, allowing you to safely and fully experience the whitewater rapids.

Asking about what is included in the package can help you plan out what you need to bring, such as food, wetsuits, or your own raft. If you desire time to enjoy playing and surfing on the rapids in safe areas, you should also find out if the outfitter allows for this before booking with them. To ask these and other questions about what packages and options are available, contact an outfitter that offers whitewater rafting trips in the area you wish to vacation in.